Help! Our Hotel Cancelled on Us!

Help! Our hotel cancelled! This can be fixed. Here’s what to do.

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What to do when your hotel cancels.

Imagine this: you spend weeks or months planning a big trip. Days before you are set to get on the big flight, you receive a call or email from your hotel. They double booked the venue and they don’t have any rooms available. Sound far-fetched?

Trust me, it’s not. Especially not when you travel often. It’s happened to us. Here’s what to do:

The most important thing to do is STAY CALM.

Once, after I had spent months planning a trip abroad and we were days from leaving, I got an email from our hotel that they had cancelled our reservation. Mind you, I had pre-paid the full amount for all of our rooms to save a little bit of cash. I had even planned our trip around this city, stopping there really so that we could experience the once-in-a-lifetime scenery this hotel offered.

Now here we were, going to a city that we could have otherwise skipped, all because of a hotel that is now telling us that we have no rooms. Once I got over this, I knew it was time to act.

Ask for a replacement.

If your reservation is cancelled before you’ve left for your trip, ask them to recommend some similar options in the same area. Better yet, ask them to find you a suitable option and book it for you. Meanwhile do your own searching to see what else is out there and what is to your liking.

If you arrived at your hotel already, only to find that they haven’t honored your reservation, the same advice applies! While it may be easy to find a replacement in a big city, if you’ve found yourself in a smaller city or more rural area with not much else around, make it clear that you don’t plan on leaving until the matter is settled. Trust me, it’s a bit more anxiety provoking, but it will work out fine in the end. Ask the front desk to find you a suitable option (all while searching for a replacement on your phone as well).

Put aside your expectations.

This is possibly the best advice to ensure that an unplanned cancellation doesn’t ruin your mood or your trip. If you have booked a dream location that you had scouted and planned carefully, it can be very disappointing to have that taken away, trust us. But, remember that you and your family can have a joyful time regardless of where you stay the night. And, it makes for a great story for the memory books!

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