Bath England: What to Eat, Where to Stay and How to Get There

Here are the best places to eat and stay when touring Bath.

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Bath England is a wonderful spot for a weekend or a few days when traveling through London or greater England. It’s a convenient spot for day trips and has great activities for family. See the post on Best Family Activities for Bath England.

What to Eat:

1. Wagamama

Yes another city, another Wagamama (York Buildings, 1 George St.). I love Wagamama as it’s casual, kid-friendly, great meals for all ages and you can eat at any time if you’re dealing with jet lag!

2. Chandos Deli

Chandos Deli (12 George St.) is a great find with simple, delicious food and something for everybody. They are open at 8 am during the week and 9 am on the weekends. Grab food for a picnic near Pulteney Bridge or to take to your B&B for a sit-in dinner.

3. M&S Food Halls

I love Marks and Spencer (16-18 Stall St, Bath) just as much as Wagamama, particularly when traveling with family and kids. It’s a nice casual spot with places to sit, or you can grab your food to go for a picnic or early dinner in.

4. Clayton’s Kitchen

If you are going to do one fine meal while in this city, Clayton’s Kitchen (15A George St.) should be it! This is a Michelin-chef run restaurant and they focus on locally sourced, natural ingredients. It’s delicious and a beautiful setting full of character.

Bring a few coloring books or paper for tic-tac-toe for the kids. (Note: Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time. The earliest dinner time is 6 pm, so plan accordingly and let the kids eat a snack in the late afternoon so they can wait for this special destination!)

Where to Stay:

I love the Three Abbey Green. This is a great bed and breakfast right by the Abbey in a convenient location to the day trips I recommended! Book the Asher Suite, which has plenty of rooms in a generously sized suite for families.

How to Get Here:

Taking the train from Heathrow is quite easy. It’s about a 2 to 2.25 hour journey depending on the airport terminal you fly into.  You’ll make an easy transfer of trains between the Heathrow Express (from the airport) and First Great Western Train at Paddington Station to Bath Spa.

There are other routes you can take to get there as well. (For route planning and advance ticket purchase (which is cheaper), check out: or

Another option, which can be particularly convenient with kids that are jet-lagged or depending on what time of day you arrive, is taking a hired car to Bath. Also, depending on the number of people in your party, it can be about the same cost of the train. There are a number of companies that specialize in this service, but here’s one we’ve used in the past: Majestic Taxis and Chauffeurs.

For more planning on Bath England, see: